Despite going on numerous diets and doing all kinds of exercises, you are still unable to lose weight. Why is that?

It is a frustrating situation, and many are struggling with the same issues. Some have even sought about medical help. What is the thing that prevents you from losing weight, while others are successful?

Sometimes the answer is in you, or more accurately in your habits. With the fast-paced lifestyles we lead, we are bound to pick up a habit or two that we are not aware of which causing problems to our health.

Here are the 10 habits most people do, that seem harmless enough, but are seriously affecting your weight.

1. Forcing Yourself To Eat Breakfast

It is never a good idea to skip meals, and it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even so, there are times when you’re not feeling hungry for breakfast. Perhaps you have a slower metabolism, causing you to feel full in the morning even though you didn’t overeat the night before (another weight loss taboo). Research has shown that forcing yourself to eat breakfast can make you gain up to 10 pounds in just 6 months, so if you don’t feel like breakfast, by all means, skip it.

2. Choosing Most Of Your Groceries From The Center Aisle In The Grocery Store

The placement of the products in the grocery store isn’t random as one might think. They are all strategically placed to make you buy things you didn’t plan on. The foods that we notice the most are those on eye level or slightly lower, and usually at the center. And the most common foods you will find there are processed foods and drinks. Avoid the temptation of shopping in this area in the grocery store, and you will end up buying healthier groceries that will help you lose weight.

3. Not Dealing With Stress

Stress factors are all around us, from money problems, to work problems to relationship and family problems. When we feel stressed, our body feels it too. It has an adverse effect on our metabolism, giving us cravings for “comfort food’, meaning full of sugar and fat. Most of the time, we are unable to stop these stress-related problems, but e can change how we deal with them. Find the best way for you to relieve yourself from stress, preferably with exercise or yoga that will melt your stress away, along with a few pounds.

4. Snacking On Too Many Processed Foods

Some people think that eating a small bag of chips or a chocolate bar when they feel the munchies won’t do to much damage to their weight loss diet. They’d be wrong. Indulging yourself with processed food like chips, cookies, frozen foods, cakes, and everything else that comes from a tin or bag, is a great hindrance to achieving your ideal body weight. So, next time you feel the munchies, grab some fruit and veggies.

5. Skipping Meals

Like we already mentioned, skipping meals is bad. People do that because they believe the myth that eating less will help them lose weight. However, every nutritionist and doctor recommend eating throughout the day, only moderately up to 5 meals a day. By missing a meal, the sugar level in your body drops drastically, and you feel low on energy, and that results in cravings for high-calorie food. So eat smaller portions and avoid eating after 8 in the evening.

6. Devouring Your Meals Too Fast

Some people feel like they don’t have enough time to eat, so when you do get the time, you devour the food without even tasting it. The downside to eating fast is that you don’t give your body enough time to inform you that you’re full, making you end up eating more than you need. Also, by not chewing your food properly, you’re forcing the stomach to work harder, wasting your energy, and building up cravings for more food in shorter time intervals. You are not in an eating competition. Make sure you take your time eating and chewing your food.

7. Drinking Too Much Coffee

Coffee is a lifeline for most because it gives us energy and helps to keep us up longer. All of that is bad for weight loss. Coffee contains cortisol, known as the stress hormone in your body, and we’ve already explained why stress is bad. The solution here is a restriction on your caffeine intake by drinking no more than two cups every day. Healthier options are orange juice and herbal tea.

8. Staying Up Late And Not Getting Enough Sleep

More and more people are depriving themselves from sleep, going to bed much later. In the morning, when you feel excused, a good idea to stay up a few minutes more doesn’t sound too good anymore. Sleep deprivation prevents you from losing weight since it causes an imbalance with the leptin and ghrelin hormones. The first sends signals to the brain that you are full after you eat, and second stimulates hunger, and usually, that hunger can be satisfied by high-calorie and sugary foods. None good for weight loss.

9. Restricting And Depriving Yourself All Day Long

Eating less or nothing at all will not help you lose any weight. You’ll only trick your body into thinking that it doesn’t get nourishment regularly, and it will retain everything you eat, adding as much fat as possible. No one can last long with food deprivation, so uncontrollable cravings, late-night binge eating and overeating are not an unexpected result. That’s why the best way to weight loss is moderation.

10. Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is free, and in abundance, so we often give neglect it when we talk about health. In fact, water is essential for our existence and well being. Most people drink water only when they’re thirsty, despite the fact that the body needs up to 2 liters a day for it to function at full capacity. The benefits of drinking plenty of water are many, such as: reducing the risk of heart attack, soothing headaches, helping your body detox, help flush the liver, and strengthens the system to boost up your body’s metabolism. That’s why if you want to melt some fat, you must drink water all the time, not just when you get thirsty.

Try getting rid of these habits and watch the numbers on the weighing scale go down.

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