The sweet, decadent, and tempting taste of chocolate is often to blame for ruining many weight-loss diets.

And let’s not forget that is on the top of the list for causing many of our childhood cavities.

Even today, most people believe that chocolate is nothing than a sweet and fatty food that has only negative effects on our health. And still, we can’t help but reach for that chocolate bar.

Now it’s time to lessen your guilt a little bit because here we have 10 completely new and healthy reasons to love chocolate even more.

Good For The Heart, Prevents Strokes And Hypertension

Chocolates do have fat from the cocoa, but when metabolized, it’s converted into oleic acid, which is very beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels. Cocoa also has blood thinning and anti-clotting properties, and that means better blood flow, which is very good for keeping your heart healthy. A study has shown that eating a square of dark chocolate a day reduces heart problems, lowers the risk of strokes, and regulates blood pressure.

Rich Antioxidant

Polyphenols are the natural antioxidants so powerful that they can prevent oxidation (that creates the cell-damaging free radicals) only two hours after consumption. And one of the best sources for these antioxidants is the cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate.

Cure For Diarrhea

Cocoa has been used as a natural and effective diarrhea remedy for centuries. It contains flavonoids, which are plant-based compounds with powerful antioxidant properties. They way they help cure diarrhea because they bind to proteins and control the secretion of fluids in the small intestine.

Beneficial For Diabetics

As strange as it may sound, chocolate is good for preventing diabetes. Diabetes is a result of the body not being able to regulate insulin levels, and eating dark chocolate increases the production of nitric oxide, which controls the sensitivity to insulin and increases the resistance to insulin by 50 percent, thus lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

Boosts Intelligence

Believe it or not, chocolate is brain food. Thanks to the flavonoids improving the blood flow to the brain, the result is heightened awareness and brain performance, especially in times when you feel stressed and tired. So, next time you’re feeling pressured with the workload, ditch the coffee, and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate.

Tasty Cough Medicine

Next time you have a coughing fit, nibble on some chocolate or drink a cup of cocoa. The theobromine found in chocolate, as well as the codeine, help minimize the activity of the vagus nerve responsible for triggering the cough.

Good For Weight Loss

How can something so sweet and fatty help weight loss? By keeping you full longer. Chocolate is a great source of fiber that helps keep the guts healthy as well as preventing the blood sugar levels from spiking, resulting in feeling full for longer periods.

Offers Sun Protection For The Skin

While it doesn’t completely remove the need for sunscreen, eating chocolate does offer sun protection. Consuming higher levels of flavonoids lengthens the time it needs for the skin to develop the reddening for the harmful rays of the sun. And with them being antioxidants, they also help in keeping the skin look younger.

Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Chocolate has a surprisingly rich nutritional content, packed with vitamins and minerals. In just 100 grams of chocolate, you provide your body with the daily requirement of iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, and manganese, as well as being a source of vitamins C, A, E, and D.

Reduces Stress, Especially Recommended During Pregnancy

Nothing sends the endorphins rushing like a mouthful of sweet, tasty chocolate. According to a Swiss study, eating an ounce of chocolate daily for two weeks helped lower the stress hormones, as well as the effects of stress-related anxiety. Chocolate is also highly recommended for expecting mothers with raging hormones from the pregnancy. It helps lower stress levels better than any medication, and it results in healthier and happier babies, according to a Finnish study.

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