We all have more than one reason to lose weight, but to lose that weight doesn’t mean that you should do stupid things. Weight loss plan should always be healthy. You have to lose weight without putting your body into unnecessary risks.

In order to lose weight at a faster pace, many people become so crazy that they lose their senses to distinguish between the right and wrong methods. Most of the methods they follow are very risky in term of health and then, they begin to regain the lost weight at a faster pace once they stop following those techniques. In some cases, the weight gets even doubled after following such stupid things.

Here are those crazy things that you must avoid and choose healthy ones.

Extreme Starving

The worst thing you can do to yourself in weight loss is starving yourself. Do you really think that by starving yourself, you are reducing your weight?

Although starving or not feeding your body with proper foods may help you to lose extra pounds in a shorter period of time, but that’s not a healthy and proper solution.

When you reduce the intake of food, the body begins to burn the stored fat of your body in order to meet the required amount of energy and this results in decreased weight. But, can you tell how long you can live without feeding your body?

Starving does wrong to your body in two ways.

First, starving increases your hunger to eat more. When you reach a point where you are no longer to control your appetite, then you begin to eat more spicy foods. The more spices you eat, the more you gain.

Secondly, when you are starving, your body begins to believe that you are addicted to starving so next time when you eat, it keeps storing the fat for the future and this will result in increased weight.

The healthy and proper solution is to have a balanced diet. Differentiate between right and wrong foods. Eat more and more fat burning foods (these are the foods which burn more amount of calories than they actually give).

Following Single Item Diet

Another stupid thing you can do is following a single diet plan. It’s almost similar to the first stupid thing in which you are starving your body from several essential nutrients.

A healthy body requires several essential nutrients which you get from different sources. When you are allowing only a single item, your body lacks many other nutrients required. It can lead to several health complications. Even crash diets like cabbage soup allow you to eat other foods from time to time.

Taking Weight Loss Pills Without Consulting Doctor

When choosing the pills for weight loss, make sure you have consulted with your doctor. You don’t know how the pills will react in your body.

Most weight loss pills speed up the metabolism which burns the fat at a faster rate. But, you have to be sure that these pills don’t do any harm to your body.

Most people have complains of sleeplessness, increased heartbeat, high BP and diarrhea. So it is always a better option to consult the physician before you consume such pills.

Extreme Exercises

There could be no argument about the effectiveness of exercises for your health. It offers several health benefits and keeps your body well shaped. But that doesn’t mean, its the only way to lose weight and you may cross all the limits and follow heavy exercises plans.

Extreme and heavy exercises can result in wear and tear. It will produce extra sweat which isn’t a good thing. It can lead to dehydration of body. Heavy exercises can also expose you to the chances of physical injuries.

To do this in a better way, make a plan of exercise. Do this to the extent where your body can absorb it.


It is very unfortunate that some people believe that smoking is an effective way to lose weight. Those people are of the opinion that smoking kills your desire to eat, which then creates a way to shed extra pounds.

But, they probably don’t know that by following this stupid method, they are not losing weight – instead, they are losing their life.

Smoking is so dangerous for your health. It cannot do good for your body in any way. Avoid it and quit it if you already have this bad habit of smoking.

If you are wishing you to lose weight, then we hope that knowingly or unknowingly, you are not doing stupid things like mentioned above. A healthy and well-balanced journey of weight loss is the best and permanent solution. These stupid things may help you to reduce weight temporary, but in the long run, you will begin to regain even more.

If you are following weight loss tips already, then please let us know your experience by commenting below. We would love to hear from you and share your tips in our coming posts.

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