Summer has almost arrived! With the kids out of school and the weather improving, now’s the time when people start thinking about vacation schedules and exciting trips. Nothing sounds better at the moment, while I sit here at my office typing away, than sipping on a margarita poolside at some relaxing resort. When thinking about vacation, good food, fancy drinks, and relaxation, all come to mind. Exercise? Yeah right! The fact of the matter, though, is that people on vacation tend to throw their healthy habits out with the pool water. Try these suggestions for getting exercise while still vacationing!

Explore your surroundings on foot. Although signing up for a large guided bus tour may be tempting, nothing benefits your pocketbook or your waistline better than exploring a city on foot. Even better, you’ll get to see the local treasures and discover new places without feeling like a needle in a haystack of other tourists.

Plan a couple of active day trips. Take a hike through a tropical forest, bike ride through a famous park, heck, go bungee jumping off a high cliff! Fun activities that involve some exercise will leave you with no vacation regrets. Another plus – you will have truly earned the large dinner and extra drink headed your way in the evening.

Don’t sit by the sidelines. Watching beach volleyball under a large sun hat isn’t quite as thrilling as playing it yourself. Even if you haven’t quite mastered your coordination skills (I’m still trying to discover mine), get out and have a good time! Hop in the pool with your kids and splash around or sign up for a local 5K. Enjoy having people cheer YOU on instead of the other way around. You’ll boost your confidence as well as your metabolism!

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