What is the reality behind a weight loss transformation? You’ve been online, you’ve seen tons of before and after pictures that are just incredible. You see someone on day one who’s overweight – they look exhausted, and then on day 200 or day 90, they have the abs, look healthier, smiling, etc. You look at that, and you think one of two things:

Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder if I could do that.

or you’re like

Oh my gosh! There’s no way I can do that! That’s absolutely crazy! Good for them, but I don’t think that’s possible for me.

Well, we want to pull back the curtain, and we want to show you what the reality behind these transformations is and what that process looks like.

Step 1. Discover your “why”

Ok, the actual path and process is nothing like a before and after picture – those are two timestamps in time a day one and a future date that someone succeeded, but what happened in the middle that’s what we want to share.

The process of getting healthy is a lot like how an airplane flies from point A to point B. You think it’s a straight line. You certainly set out in the direction of having a goal, but it’s a constant course correction where you’re zigging and zagging off the path, and sometimes you’re taking two steps forward one step back, but you’re constantly moving in the right direction.

You’re not just managing like this future goal – you’re managing every single day. You’re managing your choices around what you’re doing with your exercise, and you’re eating every single day.

There will be days that go very well. There will be days that go not so well, but the key is to keep on moving forward and stay consistent.

The number one thing on a very fundamental level is to make the commitment to understand why health is essential to you to discover your motivation. And then every present moment to feel those values and allow them to guide your decisions.

If we really get to that point where we can feel our desire in our bodies, in our minds, in our emotions to move towards a healthier direction and we guide our decisions on a day-by-day basis from that path to the best of our ability, we will move forward and get healthy.

When it comes to that mealtime, we’re going to know we’re going to be choosing from that value that we want to eat healthier foods, and if you eat healthier foods 75% of the time more than you are right now and you do that consistently over a year, you will lose weight you will move forward. So, it’s not this big dramatic before, and after, it’s about managing every single day in every single meal.

Again, one of the key insights is all of the most successful programmers, the ones that have the incredible before and after transformations – they’ve connected to their “why.”

They know why it’s important for them to make decisions. They know why it’s important for them not to have the burger when they go to the restaurant. They know why it’s important for them to wake up 30 minutes earlier to get the workout.

Your overall health affects every area of your life, and your current decisions with your nutrition and exercise affect your ability to work and productivity at work. It affects your ability to be a parent, your energy levels, confidence, finances, and spirituality.

Start to make the connection with your health, and when you can embody that and have that understanding of the truth that health is foundational to everything you do in your life, then you can start making more conscious decisions with your eating and exercise.

Step 2. Pave the path to success

How can we make it more likely that you’re going to succeed with your healthy eating each day and with your workouts? Well, when it comes to nutrition, certainly one thing we can do is prepare ahead of time for success.

So, what if every week you found your favorite healthy foods you prepared those, and you had them in the refrigerator, or you had them in the office, and then when it came time to eat? You already had those things pre-decided because every single week, we have these decision points, three times a day for most people: breakfast, lunch, dinner or something like that, seven days a week, and you have to exert willpower to stay on track.

What if you paved the path of success and had your healthy foods pre-prepared? It would make your course a lot more likely.

Then what does happen when you do fall off track? Let’s say you went to a party with your friends and family, you drank a little too much, you ate pizza, and you found that your weight went up, and you’re feeling a little off track – you come back to that “why” and you’ll correct your course.

It’s ok if you gain 2-3 pounds in one day! All people on a diet have weight loss looks like a zig and a zag. They’re going up and down, but they’re trending in a direction. So, paying attention to your trends also means that you need to take time to check in on your road markers of success consciously.

Start to embody all the things that do happen. It’s like – wow, I woke up today, and I’ve been doing this healthy eating stuff and this exercise for about a month, and I noticed this is the first day I walked up the stairs, and I didn’t feel winded.

You need to pay attention to these things, and if you continue moving in this direction being more conscious of your choices, paving the path to your success, falling back on your “why” when you have tough times allowing yourself to stay more consistent over the long term. This is what’s going to help you succeed.

It’s not just going to help you succeed. It’s going to help you stay on track over the long haul. There are so many fad restrictive crash diets that’ll help you lose 20 pounds in a short amount of time, but you’re not building the momentum and the habits to keep you over the long haul. These things that we’ve explained here are the foundations.

It’s a constant course correction – you will have days where you slip, but then you get back on track because you have the structure, you’re paving the path to your success – you know your “why.”

This is the stuff that truly works! It’s not the whiz-bang flashy fat burner pill 9000 or the next fat diet. These are the principles – they work!

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