There are few people who would not benefit from healthy lifestyle changes, but it’s difficult to know where to start and not knowing where to start often results in not starting at all. So many benefits can be gained from making just a few changes and even some really small changes can have long-lasting and positive effects.

Modern lifestyles expose our minds and our bodies to many risk factors, a large portion of which we can address by making changes to the way we eat, work, and live and manage stress. The incidence of obesity for example in the US is astronomical and those who are overweight subject themselves to increased health problems, personal insecurities and frequent discrimination.

To make some healthy lifestyle changes some determination will be required, but when looked at in perspective, these changes are a minor inconvenience when you consider all of the benefits you will reap as far as good health, increased energy, vitality, and stamina.

Don’t beat yourself up

Exercise, to most overweight, or sedentary people, can seem more like a punishment than a benefit; watching lithe and muscular bodies in cute workout clothes exerting themselves through the window of your local gym does not make for a great incentive to join in. Exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle change should not be a form of self-punishment requiring huge motivation. It can easily be a pleasant and enjoyable way to improve your health and well-being.

Taking up swimming, cycling, power-walking, or the many other types of non-strenuous exercises are also suitable for those looking for a lifestyle change. Take a brisk walk to work, get off the bus or subway one stop early so that you can enjoy a healthy mile’s walk or perhaps taking up another activity that is regular and includes some aerobic exercise, or maybe you could bicycle to work?

Make a commitment

Making healthy lifestyle changes will require you to make a commitment to yourself to take better care of your body. Look at it this way. You can make the changes now while it’s your choice, or you can make them later when you are given a dire diagnosis.

When you make a commitment to adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can almost guarantee that temptations will come along to test your resolve. You will have to re-commit at every decision point, but it does get easier. And the point is not punishment and complete denial of all pleasurable foods. But moderation is the key.

Eat right

As well as exercise, dietary changes can have significant effects on improving one’s health and lifestyle. Constantly eating junk food is a short-term satisfaction that brings long-term problems. Preparing meals that are home-made and contain fresh ingredients can improve many aspects of health.

A change in diet can be quite tricky at first but most people soon fall into the routine of eating healthy food once they have overcome the first couple of days of wincing at the sight of a plate of salad or vegetables. In fact, it’s surprising how easy it is once the junk food has been removed from your diet to maintain that healthy life choice. Putting both together, improving diet and increasing exercise are undoubtedly the best lifestyle changes that anyone can make.

The use of alcohol does not help the body at all when taken in quantities larger than a glass of wine a day. Reducing alcohol intake is another potential action that can improve sleep, help maintain a healthy weight and keep your liver in good shape. At the end of the day, no one else can really make those changes for you. With a little ambition and some self-control, healthy lifestyle changes can be made just by taking one small step at a time.

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