In a world of sensory overload, constant connectivity, and endless responsibility, an individual may blast through up to 70,000 thoughts per day. This means we skip back-and-forth between reflecting on the past, to fretting about the future about every second or so. This makes it easy to understand why our minds can become a muddled mess plagued by tension, stress, and anxiety.

With our minds sometimes unable to fully complete a thought before being bombarded with the next, maintaining focus and concentration can feel like an impossible task. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts, try using some of the tips below to clear your mind and focus on the now.

Disconnect Take a break from the digital world to help block out stress. The sense of obligation and constant connectivity brought on by all of that screen time can leave you feeling frazzled.

Get Comfy Find a comfortable space to sit and relax that is quiet, free of disruption, and feels good to you. If you find yourself so restless that sitting is difficult, practice breathing with slow, methodical, repetitive movements, like those found in yoga or walking meditation.

Breathe Deep While this complex bodily function requires no attention or thought, control of your breathing helps to refresh your mind and reset your body. Take slow, deep breaths paying careful attention as you inhale and exhale.

Say “OMM” If you still can’t seem to stop your mind from racing, try repeating a mantra (a motivating quote, phrase or word) each time you exhale. This helps to fill your thoughts, blocking out distractions that might cause stress.

While we don’t expect to see you snuggled up, cross-legged on the floor taking a vow of silence anytime soon, you should set aside time to allow your mind to relax, and just be. Achieving a relaxed, yet focused mental state allows for concentration on the present, provides a new perspective on stressful situations, can improve attention span, and increases self-awareness. Frequently set aside time to relax and you’ll quickly learn to love the power of ‘no thought’ and get lost in the silence.

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