What is Lunchtime Liposuction?

Liposuction that you can have done in the time it takes for you to have your lunch break, for many women and even some men are the stuff dreams are made of. Lunchtime liposuction is the term often used because it takes so little time to complete. It is a procedure that, rather the being done in an operating theatre, can be done in the doctor’s office of the consulting room.

Lunchtime Liposuction is advanced laser lipolysis or smart lipo. All of these are forms of laser liposuction which uses a laser to break up the fat cells on contact and then gently suctions them away. The process is done smoothly instead of using the high volume suction method that is used with traditional surgical liposuction. The laser breaks down the fat on contact into liquid waste, and the liquified fat can be removed.

The laser amazingly also promotes collagen growth in the skin which will lead to skin tightening. This will hopefully avoid the loose saggy skin that is usually left over with traditional liposuction. The cost of laser lipo will also be attractive to many potential patients as prices start at a level similar to more traditional forms of lipo at around $3600.

Advantages of Lunchtime Lipo

There are many advantages to this type of treatment versus traditional liposuction techniques. Firstly the process itself in minimally invasive and more comfortable and a local anesthetic is used instead of a general anesthetic. The treatment has been dubbed lunchtime lipo because of the minimal downtime it creates.

With traditional liposuction, the patient would have to allow for the recovery time of minimum a few days, but with laser lipo, the patient can return to normal activities the next day. Okay so it probably will not be done in a lunch hour, but you can see where the phrase has come from.

The compression garments that must be worn after treatment are only used for one to two weeks. With traditional liposuction you would have to wear them for around six to eight weeks, lastly, the side effects like bruising, swelling and pain are reduced.

What can it be used for?

Lunchtime liposuction can be used to treat stubborn localized fat pockets that the patient has found resistant to diet and exercise. However, liposuction of any kind should not be treated as a diet or obesity cure.

Great thought should be taken before the patient decides this type of treatment is right for their needs. It can be used to treat love handles, the upper and lower abdomen, double chins, inner and outer thighs, the arms, face and male breasts.


The actual procedure for laser liposuction can take as little as forty-five minutes to complete. After the local anesthetic has been given to the treatment area, a small incision is made, and a very tiny laser is inserted into the fatty tissue.

Once it has contact with the fat, the laser will break down the fat into liquefied waste. Because the fat has been liquidized greater amounts can be removed which usually speeds up the results.

Many patients will start to see improvement about six to eight weeks after treatment, and the final results can be seen in full after six to seven months. The exact amount of time will depend on the area that has been treated.

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