There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t lose the forest in the trees, and we think it’s so important when it comes to looking at our health because right now, if we look around the mainstream healthy living advice, it’s so focused on the minutia of this diet versus that diet, should you be keto or paleo or vegetarian or this or that.

Those are the trees we’re losing picture of the big forest, and this is why in this article, we want to talk about the cycles and the balance and the stuff that really brings your body health and well-being on a macroscopic level.

If we look around and we look at mother nature, we look at the Earth and her seasons and cycles – everything has an order. There is a balance between day time, which transitions to night time, and there are the seasons of summer in winter. There is hot, and there is cold. There is this balance of these different forces, and our bodies manifest the same principle.

There is a balance between our activity and our rest, our food intake and ingestion, and our food elimination in fasting. It’s even ordered into our very DNA when we are essentially being conceived, and the beginning cells of our bodies are starting to form. We have DNA inside of us, ordered structured DNA that has the exact blueprint about how these bodies will develop, and everything starts developing on a plan.

The plan is set out. It is set in stone, and everything evolves from this central plan. This is how we need to think about health. Health is about maintaining order and balance in our bodies.

When we maintain that order, we feel at ease. When we lose that order, we experience dis ease. We’re going to look at some of these dualities that are in play and present in our bodies, particularly around food, sleep, activity, and our mindset.

There’s going to be some areas that we’re going to talk about, and we’re going to look at each of these areas, and we want you to reflect on your own life, which areas you are in balance in, which areas you are out of balance. And when we’re out of balance, we’re going to manifest dis ease.

So when it comes to ingestion and elimination, we have this balance. We must eat food, it moves through this digestive tract and is eliminated. When we are in good health, there is a balance between the amount we are ingesting.

If we ingest too much, what does this body do – it says: “I have excess energy, I will store it as body fat.” And over time, as we continue to do that, we accumulate more and more, and it causes dysfunction in metabolism.

This is what’s happening certainly here in the United States. We have obesity rates of up to 40% now, maybe even higher. It’s because we’re over-consuming, over-ingesting, and we’re not eliminating well. That’s why it’s become such a big focus: everyone gets probiotics, gets fiber, make sure you’re eating unprocessed foods. And it’s true because we want to support elimination, we want to support the calorie balance.

So right now, look at your body – it’s going to give you cues under which side of the scale you’re tipping on. If you’re carrying too much, it is likely an over ingestion, and we need to correct that balance.

That’s what essentially weight loss helps people do – they feel so much better when they get that body and metabolism and energy balance into the right thing. And when we’re eliminating having healthy bowel movements daily, this is the balance here around the food and nutrition.

Now, when it comes to our exercise, we need to have a balance between activity and rest and recovery. Most people in the United States are in balance in the sense that they’re over-ingesting and under-moving. They’re not moving enough. When our bodies are in balance, we are moving daily, which giving our body stimulation to use those muscles to circulate that blood to bring that vital energy into the body, so we feel good. And when we do that, and we have the right kind of activity and rest – our body is in good health.

O the flip side, there’s also the other extreme where you can exercise too much, where you’re going so hard training, maybe you’re preparing for a marathon or triathlon, and you feel run down because the rest principle is not in balance with the activity principle. We need to bring those things into balance.

It is for you right now to think where you are at on this part of the duality on this continuum between activity and rest. This also applies to our inner life, our minds, and our emotions.

There is the idea of stimulation: we’re thinking, we’re working on our business, we’re solving problems with our families, and at the same time we have a relaxation where we’re not thinking as much. Things slow down in the system and everything kind of sinks back into a sense of stillness.

These things need to be in balance, and again here in the United States, we have a lot of this! We have a fast hard-charging culture that is like work-work-work-work. Lots of stimulation, not enough relaxation, and then we’re also propping ourselves up because we’re not resting enough with stimulants like coffee, energy drinks. And then our mood is out of balance, so we’re taking medications and pharmaceuticals to balance our depression and anxiety.

These things are masking the symptoms of the fact that we’re out of balance with these principles. This is it! This is really the game! it is kind of on a big picture – we need to re-establish harmony And balance in our systems. And your balance point is different than mine. We’re all individuals.

We all need to look at ourselves on these different continuums where we are out of balance and where we are in balance. We need to acknowledge the habits, the healthy environment that’s allowing us to stay in balance, and maintain those things.

At the same time, when we’re out of balance, we need to use our intelligence and our awareness to recognize where we are missing the mark where we are, and we need to make those corrections to bring the system back into balance. This is the forest of good health.

When you have this in your imbalance, there are so many different types of diets that could work for you as long as they’re balancing the ingestion elimination, the feeding, the fasting as long as they’re in balance with the calories.

There are so many different kinds of exercise programs that can work for you as long as they’re balancing activity with rest – not too little, not too much – just right.

Ultimately, no matter what health and fitness program you choose to follow, you need to make sure it’s balancing your mindset and your emotions that you feel happy and productive.

This is what creates good health, and we are not just making this stuff up – these are things you can realize inside yourselves as truths. But also let’s look at the people who are doing this. There is a study called The Blue Zones, where they looked around the world for these pockets of longevity. People that are living the longest pockets of centenarians people living to 100+, and they studied them.

These different pockets of longevity are around the world. There’s like seven and nine of them all over the world: some in California, some in Italy, Japan, etc. What do these people do? They live balanced lives. They don’t do p90x crazy exercise, but they do an activity every single day. They don’t follow a super restrictive diet, but they do eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.

They balance their family time, they have loving connections and good relationships, they get to sleep regularly, and have good cycles that are entrained with nature’s natural rhythms of the sunrise and the sunset.

They’re not stressing on their smartphones, they’re not running around like crazy people trying to do the rat race kind of thing – they’re living a life of harmony externally and internally.

So, if we want to feel at ease and we want to move away from this ease, we need to re-establish our balance and our harmony. Now, this is the big picture. It’s the truth.

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