Here is a quick tip that will help you with late-night snacking.

A lot of our readers tell us like, “I’m trying to eat healthier, I’m trying to lose some weight, reduce my body fat, and I find that late at night I get these cravings for the ice cream, for the cereal, for chips or whatever it is.

I already had dinner, and then I get these late-night cravings, and I know it’s not good for me because when I eat really late. It affects my digestion, my sleep’s not as good, and I feel guilty the next day because I binged and snacked late at night.”

It’s a super common thing that a lot of people deal with, and we have a simple solution that we believe will really help you, and that solution is to brush your teeth immediately after dinner.

Here’s the thought process – our bodies are like to fast. This idea between eating periods and fasting periods is tremendous for human health.

We find that if you get your body to fast for like 14 hours, it’s a very good health beneficial habit. Basically, you have dinner sometime around six o’clock at night, and then you fast until six the next morning, that’s 12 hours add another two, and you have breakfast sometime around eight.

Also, we know that if you eat too late at night, it causes a lot of digestive stress. Our bodies are trying to rest and relax at night. Our circadian rhythm is trying to slow the system down, and we overload food too late.

It causes disturbance in the system and can make the sleep and not as good. And when our sleep is low quality, it affects our ability to have energy the next day and our ability to recover from workouts, and our ability to lose weight.

Brushing your teeth can fix all this. Here’s the idea: you have dinner, and right after dinner, you go into the bathroom, and you clean your teeth.

You are done for the day. You’re making the decision that “I am done eating for the day.” Dinner was amazing, you had a really good meal – brush those teeth up.

The reason this is effective is that once your teeth are brushed, you’re going to have some natural resistance to want to eat something else because then you got to brush your teeth again.

You can almost use your inherent laziness to your advantage in this. Now, that’s not to say that you’re not going to have some tea or some water. You can have some things like that, but you’re not going to eat any more food.

This is so beneficial because if you have dinner and then you wait a couple of hours before you go to bed, your digestion is going to be better, you’re going to sleep deeper. You’re going to wake up the next day and have that energetic feeling where you’re not bogged down because you ate late at night when your body’s digestive fire wasn’t as high.

That is the simple habit of avoiding late-night snacking. Have your dinner and if you have like a little square of dark chocolate or something like that and then brush your teeth and make the decision with that powerful action that you’re done for the day.

You can have water and tea, but you’re done with food until the next day. And then you’re going to get a couple of hours after dinner where your body can digest. You’re going to go to bed not feeling overloaded with that indigestion heartburn feeling and bloated feeling a lot of people have when they eat too late.

You wake up the next day, and you have breakfast whenever you normally do that’s going to help you a lot. So that’s a tip for today. It may seem small, but it really does help because health & fitness stuff – it’s about your behaviors. It’s about little things like this. You can implement your routine to make it easier for you to stick to your healthy goals.

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