If you want to lose weight, we are going to break down exactly what you should do every day of the week with a simple at-home workout plan to help you reduce your belly fat, tone up your legs, your arms, and really start seeing fast results.

What we want to do is actually lay out a Monday through Sunday workout schedule and give you an idea on what are the important things to focus on.

We’re going to cover the schedule, so you know how to slot on these workouts into your routine.

The first and most important principle before we get into the weight loss is there is not a single workout that’s going to work for you if you’re not eating healthy. There is a really big myth that we can go out-exercise a bad diet. It’s just not true!

Number two is when ladies are trying to lose weight, they think that the best thing to do is to start doing these complex workouts. That’s not actually what the research shows. The best kind of exercise the baseline exercise you need is daily walking.

Getting 30 minutes of daily walking as your baseline, with a healthy diet, you can start to lose weight consistently every week, get your body feeling better, reduce some of the aches and pains and actually get your energy levels higher, so you feel motivated to do more aggressive and more complex and more advanced workouts. Daily walks and healthy eating are the foundations of weight loss workouts.

We want you to set the target every day to ask yourself if I check my daily movement box, so they get a 30-minute walk in at least once per day. If you can only get three 10 minute walks – that’s great too!

The next thing on our list is that once we have the daily walk in a healthy eating set, it is a type of exercise called metabolic resistance training (MRT).

Metabolic resistance training is a combination of some of the best strength training exercises for women like squats, deadlifts, rows, shoulder presses that we do these in a circuit with no rest in between.

We might grab a pair of 10-15 pound dumbbells, and we’ll do some squats. Then we’ll do some curls, and some shoulder presses, then we’ll do some rows, and after that, we’ll rest and repeat that circuit three to five times. That is the best kind of MRT workouts.

We want you to be doing that around two times a week. If you could only get it once, that’s totally fine. But a great way to do the MRT workouts is to spread out them one earlier in the week one later in the week.

Why? Well, after an MRT workout, you’ll get a metabolic boost for around 24 to 48 hours, so if you do it on Monday, your metabolisms elevated on Tuesday and a little bit into Wednesday. If you do them on Thursday, then your metabolisms elevated through the weekend.

This is a way you can do a little pulse of exercise that will benefit you for the rest of this week. MRT workouts are way better than traditional cardio because you get this metabolic boost.

However, if we combine MRT workouts with some cardio workouts – that’s when you have a truly amazing workout plan an amazing weight-loss schedule for you. 1-2 MRT workouts per week, and then we’re going to do one to two cardio days per week.

When it comes to cardio, we have two options we can either do something called low-intensity steady-state cardio (LISS) or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). LISS is like we go for a walk and we can talk to one another or use the elliptical machine or walk on a treadmill or ride a bike at a pace where we’re not gasping for air, and we can have a conversation.

Those workouts are excellent, and that would be great if you do LISS-style workout for 30 to 45 minutes. That is a beautiful way you can do any kind of exercise you want, whether it’s swimming, hiking, going for a walk, biking, etc.

The other type of workout that you could choose for your cardio days is HIIT, where you do a burst of activity as hard and fast as you can for like 30 seconds, and then you have like a one-minute recovery period.

For example, if you’re riding a bike really hard for 30 seconds, then you kind of cruise for around 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then you repeat that as many times as you want. Or let’s say you’re walking: you walking really fast or you go into a run maybe for like 30 seconds, and then you walk slowly for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Both of these workout styles are incredibly useful. They both have research that they’re very effective for weight loss, for muscle building, for all the great things. It’s just up for you which one you want to pick.

We suggest that you do your cardio workouts in between your MRT workouts, so you do an MRT workout on Monday, and you might want to do a cardio day on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then you do another MRT workout on Thursday, and you do another cardio day on Friday or Saturday – maybe you get outside with your family and do something fun over the weekend.

That is a very simple schedule.

If you do four exercise sessions per week, each session MRT or cardio workouts only take 30 minutes. So we’re talking about 2 hours of exercise per week plus some daily walking, some healthy eating and you can lose all the weight that you want with that schedule.

Just have a simple little plan like this, put it in the schedule and get it done – you’re definitely going to see results, we promise you that!

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