Today we’re reviewing 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum. This probiotic came from a collaboration between Dr. David Kahana and the company 1MD. We think they did an excellent job creating this high-end probiotic, and we’ll tell you the exact reasons why.

First, we’re going to talk about Dr. David Kahana and 1MD, what their motivations were and how they got together to create this product. We’re also going to talk about the ingredients in the medicine, and give a rating of the probiotic.

David Kahana is a gastroenterologist. In a fancy way to say he’s a doctor that specializes in gut health and digestive health. He’s heard all the hype about probiotics, so he did some research at the latest probiotics findings and how these meds should be designed and taken.

Dr. David Kahana came up with seven rules on how to design a probiotic and the sort of requirements that probiotic should meet so that he’d feel comfortable recommending it to all his patients.

The first rule is that the probiotics should be involved in clinical trials and actually should go through some significant research studies. These studies should confirm the effectiveness of probiotics and make sure that these probiotics would not get killed by stomach acid.

The next thing is to make sure this probiotic should help make up for people’s poor diets or diets lacking in a particular fiber that helps support and the growth of your bubble.

1MD ProbioticsThat’s the first couple of principles.

Next, if you want to make sure that there’s an absolute minimum of allergens because the doctor wants to be able to give it to all his patients and some of his patients have dairy or gluten or various types of intolerances. So Dr. David Kahana got rid of the allergens as much as possible.

The next thing you want to make it vegan-friendly, and lastly, you tried to make it GMO-free.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum comes in a box and has 51 billion CFU, so that’s basically 51 billion bacterial cells that all help form colonies in your digestive tract, or we’ll say in your large intestine. It also has 11 different strains, and each of these strains was tested and had studies associated with it.

The last thing is that there’s an extra-thick capsule that prevents the probiotics from releasing too early in your intestines. Because you want the probiotic not at the beginning of your intestines, which is the small intestine – you want it towards the end, which is a large intestine.

The extra-thick capsule allows the probiotics to get deeper into your digestive tract towards the large intestines.

1MD Complete Probiotics are both bile and hydrochloric acid-resistant.

What’s a little bit different about 1MD is that they’re showing their entire formula they’re not just hiding behind proprietary, and you don’t know how much of each component you have in it.

It’s a lot of acidophilus which we love, and then ten other strains, which are all non-generic. They all have a special code or number behind so that you can find researches and studies associated with each of these.

One 100 mg pill of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum has 11 strains or 51 billion cells. There are also two other ingredients: one would be the capsule itself, which would actually be just cellulose. It’s very harmless, but it’s just a little thicker than usual because it is more resistant to acid and bile.

The next thing we really like about this product and Dr. David Kahana took it into account that some of his patients have allergies, so lots of probiotics that are completely useless to them.

That’s why 1MD Complete Probiotics doesn’t have allergens like gluten, soy, shellfish, nuts, eggs, etc. so most people are able to take it.

Accordingly, the probiotic is the resistance to stomach acid and bile, has no weird fillers in its content, doesn’t have any allergens, so we think this product deserves 5 out of 5 stars. This is an excellent product, we highly recommend it, and it’s great for people with digestive and immune issues.

The good thing about the 1MD provider has a 90-day return policy. It’s pretty cool; it shows they have a lot of confidence and trust in their product.

We think doctor Dr. David Kahana did an outstanding job on this along with 1MD. We strongly recommend this probiotic without any compensation. It is one of the very good probiotic and aren’t many out there that are comparable to it.

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