You’ve probably heard before that massage therapy does more than just help you relax. Massage can relieve muscle tension, improve your immune system, help with pain management, increase circulation and more! Still, for those of you who haven’t had a massage before, the thought of getting one can be a little uncomfortable. For all the massage newbies out there, hopefully, these tips can help to relieve some of your uncertainty and put your mind at ease.

Find a massage therapist you like. First, decide if you have a preference for the gender of your massage therapist. Next, give your local massage center a call and see if they have a recommendation on a licensed massage practitioner who has particularly wonderful reviews. You’ll feel more at ease knowing your massage therapist is well-liked and professional.

Voice your concerns or personal aches and pains. Your massage therapist should ask you about your medical history and any current physical ailments you may have. That way, he or she can cater to the massage specifically to your needs. They may even be able to eliminate some of the pain and stress associated with your maladies. Additionally, let your massage therapist know if you’re uncomfortable with them touching a particular area or if they use too much or too little pressure during the session. If you don’t tell them, they won’t necessarily know!

Relaaaaax. This one may not come as easily as you’d like but do your best to let your mind relax. Before the massage therapist comes into the room, take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes and focus on the soft music that plays in the background. Try and put all your daily stressors behind you, and completely relax the muscles in your body. After all, this is your opportunity to treat yourself, and you deserve it!

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